Banned from Craigslist. They are sneaky about it

they allow you to write a post, but when you submit it, it says that it went through, but turns out, it goes to their automatic recycle folder. I tried to post twice, and both times said that the post was a success, but nothing was posted. Oh well. I guess that’s it for their discussion forums. They were a little easier to chat in than Reddit. 

Maybe part of the reason that craigslist allows the banned users to feel like they are posting still is to satiate their need to post. A crazy person will just talk for the sake of talking. Many times they don’t care who responds. A long as they can get their message out there, they leave it and forget about it. Craigslist might be pandering to that kind of satisfaction.

To have the illusion of participation can be gratifying for some people. It’s receiving that instant reaction to something that you say or do. It’s like playing a game where you have a chance to make another person squirm a little bit. Some people may be satisfied with feeling like they can play this game. But the game developers have other ideas.

Nobody wants to be victimized. But some games may promote the winner and loser mentality that can lead to someone being a victim. Although, we do have the option of leaving the game whenever we like. 


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