My regular parking in the same spot is getting some attention

I have had some rep from a church and a homeless guy inquire about my parking behaviors. The homeless guy is most recently. He asked me if I leave my car parked over night in the park. I never answered that homeless guy and kept on walking. All I could think was if he wanted to start asking questions he will need to tell me a lot more about himself first. But, I just don’t really care to talk to him and find out more.

He looks to be in his 60s. He rides a bicycle with a big trailer attached to it. I think all his belongings are on that trailer. He is living in a manner that I can see myself living. I would prefer a trailer to push around rather than my car. It’s so hard to get around the road system though, with all the crazy cars zipping by. Either way, his habits are very predictable. He hangs out in the park all day every day. He is unusual in that he is the only bum around. Most of the other bums hide in the woods or across the river.

I have bad habits of repeatedly parking in the same spots over and over again until people start saying things to me about it. I can move around more, but it costs money to move every time, which I am not making anything to pay for. People accuse me of camping like it should be a crime.

I like the spot I’m parked at because it has nice shade trees. The sun can be brutal on sunny days. Even with the windows cracked open a little bit, the car gets very hot inside. I keep food in the car and don’t want to overheat anything too much. It’s hard to find a nice shady spot.

What are these peoples concerns who ask me about my parking habits? Do they think I’m doing something illegal? They are probably doing illegal things themselves and don’t want anymore witnesses around than the ones they know. That is always a concern of mine -to walk into a bad situation. I usually get a feeling of what is going on. If I feel there is trouble, I will leave or not park there.

There have been times when I didn’t feel very comfortable parking in a spot for too long. Usually, it’s the laws that detract me. It’s fairly rarely the people who convince me to leave, but it happens. I think the laws have been effectively put in place for many areas in dealing with people like me. I’m not the first bum in the area, nor will I be the last.


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