Both of my grandpas served in WW2

one on my moms side fought in the Navy on a ship, while the other repaired airplanes for the Air Force. Not too much is known about their experiences back then because they couldn’t take selfies. But I’m sure they experienced a lot of fear and confusion over the enormity of what was going on. The best thing they could do was focus on their jobs and hope for the best.

They both would have received the same kind of news that was occurring during the war, possibly in different ways. One grandpa could have received more radio than the other. Or maybe they didn’t pay too close attention to the news and listened to updates from their supervisors. They didn’t have Twitter or Facebook to learn what was happening.

They both worked with planes in different ways. One grandpa guided the planes onto the aircraft carrier with batons. The other grandpa worked on the planes like a mechanic. Their jobs seemed to suit their childhood experiences fairly well.

One was a farmer while the other was a barbers son. I’m guessing that the grandpa who worked on planes probably worked on tractors and machinery while living on the farm. While the barbers son may have developed more social skills, albeit, in a small town.


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