Career women need to think where they can work through a pregnancy

Some jobs are friendlier to a female than others, while she is pregnant. Obviously, working under the hood of a car or many other strenuous jobs are not in her best interest while pregnant. Her stomach will get a little in the way with a lot of movements, like squeezing underneath a car.

Women call for equal rights all the time. They are scared about working jobs that they need to give up when they are pregnant. Fear is what drives them into focusing on jobs that seem a little too delicate for men. Why should a man be allowed to dominate jobs that allow them to get fat and look pregnant themselves. Women should be in those positions in the best interest of maintaining corporate efficiencies.

I worked a job a long side pregnant women at a call center for Toys R Us. I did feel a little emasculated doing it. I had to talk nice to people or risk getting fired. I overheard one lady get into an argument with a customer, then the supervisors had to intervene. She was let go. It was sad to see a customer get to her like that. This was a rare case, I believe.

Men are getting fat, and all you have to do is follow the bread crumbs, donut crumbs, and candy wrappers to their locations. These are clearly men who have also been emasculated like myself. They absolutely need to be pushed out of the comforts of their environments and immediately replaced by women. It may be a tough reality, but there is little to no excuse for so much leisure that it’s causing major weight gain and health problems for men.

The male weight gain is a tax on the health care system. We reach a point after puberty when we shouldn’t really be gaining any more weight or getting softer. Women are allowed to put on weight when they get pregnant, that is natural. But they should also lose the weight after birth. Unfortunately, the stress of a bad job for them can adversely affect their pregnancy experience and make it hard to control their own weight fluctuations.

Yes, sexes should be able to compete equally in the work environment in s utopian world. But only one sex is equipped to bear and nurse a baby. A woman can’t work in a dirty and toxic environment while caring for her young ling. The baby is very fragile and susceptible to getting sick from s chemical that could happen. Moms probably want to steer clear of those toxic-laden jobs or they will bring s mutant into the world.


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