How can we tell irrational fears from the rational fears?

Just as much as some people are afraid of spiders or mice, they could be of the economic crisis. But not many people share that same fear. It’s the difference in our primal instincts. Some things can affect our reptilian brains without us giving it much thought more than others. So, with our natural responses we perceive smaller threats as larger than even bigger threats. The mouse gets more of our attention than the recession.

Maybe we rate our fears by how powerful we feel in the face of it. If a dangerous animal confronts us, we can get an instant jolt of adrenaline and run away. But we can’t run away from an unpaid debt. The stress levels are affected differently. You can actually expend natural and healthy energy with a primal fear, but the stress kills you with an economic one.

If people are afraid to become homeless, then they need to conquer it. It’s a fear that eats away at our health. If you don’t feel comfortable to say that all your expenses are paid for your living conditions, then you will experience a lot of economic stress that eats away at you. The best thing to do is start getting familiar with the alternative lifestyles and break away from the stressful fear of losing your house. It’s really not so bad being homeless. It’s one of those fears that are unfounded.

Many people talk about how scary it is to be without a home and have nothing. But those types of people usually want to sell you something. They know the importance in keeping people scared, because that mentality drives consumerism. I challenge you to go 1 month without buying anything but food. If you can do that, then you understand how the homeless live. Nothing can be bought without needing to carried every where you go, as a homeless person.

It turns out that economic fears have been drilled into our mentality by marketers. They shame the homeless and praise the home buyers. They need money to change hands so they can get in the middle of it all and collect fees, taxes and insurance plans. 


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