Banning added sugar from all processed foods is long overdue

I saw a remark that sugar needs a warning label much like cigarettes have. It’s addictive and causes terrible health problems. The addicts sre in denial because they don’t have the will power to give up heir addictions. But the health care costs for the sugar addicts is rising and is breaking the backs of the tax payers. 

We need to put a stop to sugar factories and their production. I just saw a report that India has a surplus of sugar they don’t know what to do with. The production has improved so much, these factories are forced to give it away. We don’t need anymore sugar added to products, we need it all completely eliminated. 

People are distracted by GMOs and trans fats, but sugar is a scourge on the nation. It is very clear to people what the harmful effects of allowing sugar to cause. The US is one of the fattest nations around. Other countries talk about wanting to come to the US to see all the fat people. Are other countries really that scared of the US when they perceive us as fat lazy pigs? I don’t think so.


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