Instagram removed #sex from it’s search directories

This is just one example of the words that are banned from Instagram search. I tried #shit and #fuck which also turn up nothing because Instagram banned the words. These computer programmers are working very hard to control our language. It’s just as obscene to control how we talk as much as it is to use them.

I have no idea when Instagram banned #sex from the search, but it could have happened a few years ago. Another example o word banning that I noticed was how Younow banned #twerk in december 2014. As soon as the words get too popular and used in vile ways, then the developer needs to make a tough decision.

There doesn’t appear to be a search option on the Instagram website. The only way you can search is through the app, but #sex turns up nothing. I submitted a photo with #sex in description on my account and no directory was available for the word.

I don’t know if other languages for #sex was banned, but they probably are. It’s interesting how people get carried with certain words, which leads to enough problems for the word to get banned. I bet a lot of racist words are banned.

People need to keep coming up with new words to get their messages across I guess. There is a strong policing process on Instagram, and probably Twitter too, because I believe they own Instagram.


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