Coffee Seems to Clears up my Unstable Heart Problems; Poppy seeds don’t 

Granted, my heart condition was slowly clearing up a little bit anyway. It feels like the coffee gave my heart an extra boost. The energy seemed to balance itself out a little better, where I didn’t feel so much discomfort in my chest. I don’t normally drink coffee, but I guess I will consider it as part of my herbal therapy repetoire.

My grandma always said that she consumes coffee every morning. I bet that is keeping her heart working pretty good. Although, coffee doesn’t exactly target the heart directly. If you use the TCM color code, coffee targets the kidneys, which make sense to me. The adrenal glands are attached to the kidneys for a reason. It’s not like the adrenal glands are attached to the heart. So, maybe my erratic energy is not so much my heart having direct problems, as it is my kidneys giving bad communication. Either way coffee helps.

I was hoping that poppy seeds could target kidneys, but they probably don’t. I think it’s funny how I’ve been using coffee to wake up and poppy seeds to sleep. It’s like consuming a whole foods Speedball. Perfectly healthy as long as you don’t do it every day. It’s certainly not addictive.

I got the coffee from a food bank the other day. The blend is Fall 2014 from Starbucks. I just pinch a little and put it in my water bottle. I don’t need it brewed. It tastes pretty good, at least I like it for the effects more than the taste.

Usually, when I don’t get enough variety in my diet or have over consumed certain foods, I get warnings of disease. It is not always easy to figure out that I’ve been overdoing something. It seems like the Acupuncturists are experts at figuring out faster what I’ve been doing too much of or not enough. But I can’t afford their fees.


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