Big Differences Between Instagram and Photoshop

I don’t know if there is any confusion between the capabilities of the 2. But they are quite different from each other. You can do a lot of changes with both programs, but the convenience is a factor as well. For example, the upload time of Adobe Photoshop takes a long time. It’s a very bloated software. Instagram takes only a couple seconds.

The Photoshop app on iPad is very limited compared to the regular traditional program on computer. The best way to describe the app would be clunky. You work with very screwy mechanics and things don’t always turn out right. It’s a frustrating app to do much of anything on. Although, I found myself choosing the easiest option of putting words on a pic.

Some people will make drastic changes to a pic to manipulate a message for advertising in it with photoshop. They could choose to do some photo retouching in the photoshop program or submit the photo to Instagram for retouching. It’s up to the user. But, it seems that you can get professional retouching made with Instagram.

Instagram is very limited to make it convenient. You can’t just remove another person in your perfect pic in Instagram. That would be a feature that adds to the bloat of a software package. The developers have to take a survey of the programs that are most important and least important to the majority of users. They sometimes have to take risky decisions based on their data and also personal preferences of what should be available. If they add too many features in Instagram, then the app could risk running slower or crashing a lot, which results in 100% negative reviews and kills an app quickly.

Adobe Photoshop was a very nice product for a time, but they seem to continue adding to their problems with more bloated options. It’s getting very complicated to use. You need to be almost an expert to get anything done it. I had a heck of a time helping a friend with his newspaper, using Photoshop. It’s been over a year since I last used Photoshop. I feel like I forgot everything.

But with Instagram, you could take a year off from using it, and still come back like a pro within minutes. You just can’t remove someones pimples or anything with it.


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