I have thorns embedded in my feet from blackberry picking

the blackberries are thick in Washington. I have needed to get through many patches while walking in the woods. In raymond, in particular, I had to deal with a lot of the berries. I believe I picked up the majority of my thorns while sleeping in that town. 

I always thought the thorns would easily come out, but it turns out they can stay in for a very long time. It’s been over a year and it doesn’t feel much different from the day they got buried in my foot. I have to watch how I step. If I step on my foot the wrong way, it feels like the thorns gets embedded deeper into my foot.

One reason why I thought the thorns would come out on their own was because my mom had a piece of glass stuck in her foot. She showed that it eventually came out on its own. May be  thorns are different,  I don’t know. The skin thickens around the spots where the thorns are impaled in my skin, but that is it.

Blackberry thorns are very punishing. 


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