I had an actual red-headed step brother when I was age 6 to 16

He was everything a bad little kid could be too, just like the Problem Child. But, me being a kid, I found him amusing as well. He was only 2 years older than me, and I looked at him like an older brother of sorts. Whatever he was in to, I was in to. He tended to have more money for things because my dad seemed to prefer funding his expensives more so than mine. My dads girlfriend was slender and more attractive than my mom. I understood why my dad was more enthused about caring more for her and her children than my mom.

My step brother, at the start, would propose doing things that were both crazy and dangerous. He showed me how to race a three wheel bike dangerously down a him, and break the sit off. Then he convinced me to smash the broken seat further. My dad walked by later and said he was going to fix that seat. I felt bad about that. Usually, I would be more cautious about riding the kids cycle.

My step brother would drown pigeons and see how long they survive. They were easy to catch in a barn. I think one died. I dunked one pigeon, but it didn’t feel right torturing the pigeons. I recall us engaging in this activity only once.

He showed us how to climb on top of a shed and dared us to jump off. It was very high up, but he thought if he could roll correctly on the landing, he would be fine. My younger sisters gave it a try, but they didn’t land quite right writhed around in pain at the bottom. He convinced them to jump at the same time. I was on the roof watching them, and it looked like they jumped up a little higher to jump off.

My red headed step brother was into karate and liked to practice moves that he learned.mhe idolized Chuck Norris. He even got in some karate classes. But, when it came time to get into a fight in High School, I heard that his round house kicks missed their mark and he got beat up.

In middle school he ran past me in a group for gym class. I put a hand up for a high five and he put his hand down and run punched me in the gut. That knocked the wind out of me. I felt a little embarrassed about that shot in the gut around everybody, but it happened so fast, it seemed like nobody even noticed.

There was a dramatic situation with my dad once when my step brother started to call him “Genie Weenie”. My dad, who also is a redhead, told him to stop saying that pet name. But My step brother wouldn’t listen and started repeating himself even more. My dad gave chase as the name calling continued. My step brother ran to his bedroom for protection, but it wasn’t enough to stop my dad. After they entered, all I could hear was crying and slapping with my dad yelling about stopping the insults. After dad walked away, minutes later, I saw my step brothers face full of tears and shame.


4 thoughts on “I had an actual red-headed step brother when I was age 6 to 16

    • You looked like Kermit the Frog when you jumped off of that roof. I thought it was so funny, but I felt bad for you when you laid in pain on the grass. Did you get the wind knocked out?

    • The whole family I was raised with shares a lot of similar hate like her. In person she is two different people, and it’s hard to tell which one right away. Her moods swing wildly because of vodka and prescription drugs. It’s sad.

      I believe she dramatically took a turn for the worse at about age 30, where she put on a lot of unusual weight. Before that, she was a functional alcoholic who drank at work, but was able to keep it hidden for a couple years.

      I like reading what she has to say. I would rather see her insults than nothing at all. I love her as my sister, we have a lot of history between us.

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