Libraries are notorious for always opening up late At 10:05 am

They don’t have any incentive like a store does for satisfying the customer. Usually, the type of people who show up at the opening time are some of the poorest citizens anyway. The librarians aren’t in a rush to please people by opening up early for us. 

I noticed that for some larger libraries that have a couple doors in different sides of the building, the librarians will choose to unlock the door that most of the people are not waiting at, first. It’s kind of funny to watch. I hid around a corner once at a door that nobody waited at and as the librarian came to the door, I stood in front of it and she suddenly turned around and went to the other door to unlock that first instead.

Over 90% of library doors are made of glass, so you can see inside. Very rarely is the door wooden, which you may see in a smaller town. But even in a smaller town, the wooden door will have a large glass window so you can see everything inside. You can watch the librarians sitting around waiting until 5 minutes after opening time. They never want to open up early nor on time.

I think it is national policy for all librarians to open up late and upset the patrons that go. They know we can’t complain, because the services are free anyway. If you got a complaint about their opening up late, you don’t have to go to the library anyway. Besides, what are you in such a rush to get in right at opening time anyway?

I find myself playing on the free wifi outside the library while waiting for it to open. Many of these libraries usually try to offer some kind of roof over the door for rain. So, it’s nice to sit there and search stuff on the Internet while waiting for the libraries to open 5 minutes late. 

Furthermore, what is very concerning to me is that I tend to see people inside the library, before it opens, reading magazines or going to the bathrooms. Some people are apparently more privileged than others in that they get access inside the library when other people are not allowed in. It’s like these people have a key to the city. What makes them more of a privileged person over others?


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