I walked by a young man sitting in his car loaded with personal items. Homeless or not?

i could easily see the stuff in his car while I was on the other side of the block. He looked like he had been crying, while holding a rag over his face. I didn’t notice the car until I was almost past him. I think he was staring at me thinking that I am homeless. I dress a questionable part for a homeless person.

The guy looked around 30 years old and white. I saw him parked underneath the underpass, which is a typically popular place for the homeless to go and get out of the rain. The guy looked a little out of place. I think something was wrong with him. His facial expression communicated a lot to me.

I thought about stopping to talk to him. I wanted to tell him that homelessness is not so bad as long as you can keep the cops off your ass. I wanted to tell him that I had it tough 2 years ago when I gave in to homelessness. This guy had it easy. I had to become on Christmas Eve in -14 degree weather. I took a lot of physical damage from the cold in Wisconsin over that winter. Going homeless in Oregon is not as bad. But this guy doesn’t know all that. He only knows about his own transition and how horrible it feels for him.

He has a lot to learn about being homeless. It’s a very different lifestyle, with different skills to learn. You do need to learn to be extremely conservative, moreso than you ever have in your life. But there is some help out there. They don’t always come to you. Although, I will admit, last week a fat guy pulled up to my car in a local park and tried to get my attention. I just waved to him and gave him a thumbs up to single to him that I’m not interested in his help. Now I see the kind of guy who could have really used this fat saints help.

Homelessness gets a little easier the longer you live it. That’s why a lot of old timers don’t bother giving up the lifestyle. They learn where the food and shelter is and get into a daily routine of getting just what they need for the moment. They tend to have the greenest feet around. But that doesn’t apply to all of the homeless. The youngest homeless guys tend to be some of the worst slobs. They lack the homeless discipline. They need better guidance on how to live outside of the home with a sponsor of some kind.

If I see that same guy around, I want to take a closer look at him. I certainly would love to introduce him to the homeless lifestyle. It’s nothing to fear. The fear is all in your mind.


2 thoughts on “I walked by a young man sitting in his car loaded with personal items. Homeless or not?

  1. You are the WORST! Get a life, get a job and get a CLUE! These are all MY opinions about you-not mom or dads. Please let me now the address of the loony bin you will be in so I can cum visit you. You car camping virgin!

    You look like Kim Kardashian with all that toilet paper in your trunk!!! HA Ha Ha

    Thank You,

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