April 28, 2015 Finally got on the bicycle and did some deeper exploring

It’s so nice to be able to cover wider distances with ease on a bicycle. When I want to leave my car parked more, the bike is a great option. I have been mostly walking for the past few months and never really ventured too far from where I parked. Now, I can see more stuff at a faster rate.

Part of the reason that I didn’t ride my bicycle was because I didn’t like the cheap seat. I finally found a square seat that doesn’t have any nose. Bicycling without the nose is so much better for me. I’m surprised that many other people hate the square seat. I guess it’s hard to buy that type of seat because other people don’t buy it.

I ride bicycle to a food bank today. The choices were fairly dismal. It was mostly rotten food again. Although, I do prefer bananas and avocados slightly rotten, and got some of each at this food bank.

This food bank system was set up where you take a number and wait until you are called. I didn’t have to stand in any line, which is nice. I showed up very early, got a number, then left to explore around the area for an hour on my bicycle. I didn’t have to worry about losing my place in line. Even though I showed up an hour early, I was number 8.

My knees are a little stiff from all my bicycle riding today. I need to support that pull on my joints with more wide stance squats.


4 thoughts on “April 28, 2015 Finally got on the bicycle and did some deeper exploring

  1. WOW – you have the most boring life of anyone I know. Soon you will be forced into a mental institution – then you will be a ward of the state. Thanks goodness, as God knows we don’t need people like you walking our streets and eating our free food! That time is rapidly approaching. You talk too much to! Start listening to the demons in your head more often, they will show you the way to the loony bin!

    Put more toilet paper up your butt, I can smell you from here!

    Thank You

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