Some cities have a lot of open parking lots and unused properties, yet they herd the homeless to confined areas

im amazed at how much herding goes on in cities. They can some of the worst sprawl out there. Parking lots the size of Super Walmarts lay dormant or U fenced with no Tresspassing signs. Many get a lot of open vegetation growth. Yet, they are not open for the public to stroll through. Huge pockets of cities can lay dormant and heavily protected.

It makes no sense to me why they have to protect the open unused areas. Where is the incentive to protect them? They seem to believe there is a future sale just waiting to happen that will trump any immediate use for the area in the present. But the dormancy can run on for years. It’s as much of an eye sore to see unused property as to see people living on it.

Homeless are quietly herded to small pockets of areas. They are pushed, prodded, and arrested into limiting their movements to areas that are generally in the center of the city. The city prefers to concentrate the homeless people into the city center. It’s a plan with a sadist design. What better way to keep the poor powerless and further penniless than to keep the as prisoners in the city. I’ve seen the design effectively run in many cities.

It’s not like the homeless want to live in the city center. They are at the mercy of the city designers. It’s possible that the reasoning for centralizing homeless to the city center is because of the many police calls they might get. If homeless lived on the outskirts, then then the cops have to travel a long distance to respond to another drunkeness call. But, I think homeless people are less likely to drink outside of the city center. There is less access and influence.


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