Diet Variety is Eliminated when Sugar Extracts are added to Food

the manufacturers try to make up the difference by adding vitamins to the foods that people are addicted to eating. But science has proven than vitamins do not benefit any longitivty of life. The vitamins are there mostly as a selling point on the perception that the sugar addicts can eat healthy. Yet they still experience significant weight gain.

I find it very hard to stop eating an addictive additive. It has cost me significant losses to my health. It’s hard to stop at one cookie or cake these days. There is too much addictive sugar added to get us to stop eating the drugs. So, after giving in to my addiction, I find that I have no other room for the healthy food in my stomach. I will be lucky to live past 40 with these addiction problems.

My great grandma always said to eat a little bit of everything. But the manufacturers have fought back against that kind of lifestyle by adding addictive sugar additives and then adding vitamins to give the perception the processed food is still somehow healthy. It’s too bad the corporations have been able to get away with this foolery for as long as they have.

People talk of the fears of dying or being very unhealthy without the sugar extracts. I beg to differ. I lived for 5 years on a very high protein diet. I avoided sugars as much as possible and never died. The protein will convert to an energy source that we can burn in place of sugar. Protein isn’t just for building muscle. It’s much more dynamic than that, depending on the protein source.

So, the addicts tend not to get much variety in their diet. It’s easy to spot them in the public too. They are the ones who are obese. Those soft rotund tissues are clear signals that they are not ingesting enough nutrients to support proper digestion of the sugar extracts they eat. The sugar goes to their white fat cells and sit until enou nutrients are consumed to help process them. The fat cells are detainment cells until the paperwork can come in to clear them.

Unfortunately, many people keep crowding their fat cells with more sugar extracts and not enough nutrients and push out their fat storage more and more. They refuse to get the variety in their diets because they are addicted to sugar extracts.

Society needs to break down before it can get better.


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