April 25, 2015 random thoughts

facebook.com/ oregonvoices might be an organization. I saw them protesting in an undisclosed location and asked them what their Twitter handle was. I didn’t want to read their signs. They wrote too much to read. They need to learn to protest better. They choose a slow time and didn’t have any slogans. They just wrote their crazy beliefs on cardboard and tried to get some kind of a message across. 

I have participated in one protest but I don’t even know what I was doing. It supposed to be about the Rice Lake, WI school shutting down the athletic program or something. So somebody decided to start a walk out from the school. I thought it was just a great opportunity to skip class. Looking back now, it seemed kind of stupid, especially with all the incredible funding that came pouring in after I graduated. 

I bet the locals hated how Ernie Columbus was running the football program. He was absolutely terrible. When I played we only averaged 1 win per season. So, the record each season was 1-8 each season. I believe we tended to beat Eau Claire North which was the ghetto alternative to Eau Claire Memorial. 

But, protesting tends not to get much done. It may shed a little light on a problem, but many people don’t know what needs to be done about it. It takes the smart people with money who have the leisure to sit down and think about solutions. It’s hard to figure long term solutions when you are busy. It’s about careful consideration. 

I only saw 4 protestors. They are making a very small impact for change. At least their activities are getting them out of the house and meeting different people. We shouldn’t always need a cause to fight for as motivation to get out of bed though.


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