I was fed baby formula as an infant in the late 1970s

i believe a lot of powders were becoming popular back then. When got to my teens, I started consuming the protein powders. I was surprised when my mom told me that she thought my consumption of protein powder was no good for me. She was the one who fed me the baby formulas which is not much different. How hypocritical and unhealthy can a person be?

I believe my prospects for a long life have been stunted. I was a fat baby. I can’t remember feeling shame or anger about being fat, I just assumed this was how everybody lived. I thought it was normal to struggle with obesity at age 2. Apparently, it’s not normal at all. It causes problems in development and later in life as well.

My brain is slightly low functioning because of the struggle for health. I always performed less than my peers. Also, even though I exercised as hard as I could, I never really seemed to put on any significant strength or muscle. I couldn’t ever get my bench press above 300 pounds, for example. My blood was too weak to any major strength gains.

Many people say that the protein powders and supplements don’t work. So, it makes sense to me that the baby formulas are not going to work either. They were a cheap and profitable experiment by scientists. They studied nature and tried to remanufacture it for a profit. With little to no regulation to control these baby formulas, they caused more problems than they are worth.

People still use baby formulas today. It’s like a single pull that is supposed to cure all of a babies nutritional needs, which isn’t true.


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