Studies of Twins Proves that the Gays Choose to be Gay. Just like I always thought

The gays are trying very hard to warp our minds, just like McCarthy did during the Red Scare of the 1950s. Repeat it enough, with the right politicians and throw some people in the fire, and it gets peoples attention and scares them. Should I be scared of thinking that gays choose to be gay? It feels like that is what they want. They can’t use science to back of their claims of genetic roots, so they use politics instead.

The gays have gone too far with their agendas for gay marriage. It’s time to seriously push back against their assaults on marriage. Why do they want to control our views on so much? They are just attention seeking whores, that’s all. How many different kinds of parades do we need to support the gays? Parading them down a marriage aisle for tax purposes seems like a stretch to me. Even I can’t get that kind of attention for choosing not to have children or a relationship.

Every kind of relationship between 2 or more humans should not be entitled to a ceremony. There are just some unions that happen and people adjust their habits accordingly. As much as gays love to throw parties, there still needs to be time for clean up duties as well, which fail to get their own ceremony.


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