Real Estate Shadow Inventory is being kept in smaller towns more than big cities

Out of sight, out of mind, right! That may be the case as the shadow inventory grows in startling numbers. For some reason, we see prices rising in larger metropolises as people are tempted and lured to within those domains, while the small towns largely get ignored and go to waste.

People are becoming more dependent on the government to figure out how to provide us jobs. Most of us are still pursuing the American Dream. To achieve the American Dream, means to step further away from our farming roots and take a chance on the big cities. The services for job hunting, housing, welfare, child care and many others are centralized in big cities. People are still milking the last drops of primping and preening that government can offer before it collapses.

Because so many poor people are continuing to migrate to the larger cities, the value of homes can continue to go up. This is great for the local real estate agent. They want people fighting over the increasingly expensive homes. Why even bother with the small homes in remote towns? In fact, just feel free to sweep them under the rug anyway. Most people have no connections to small towns to start a new life anyway.

Just look at the media, which focuses on big city living. They groom us as babies to believe that living in a large city is safer, cleaner, better for the population. If you read the Wikipedia page for Green Acres TV show, you will see that the reason the series was canceled, was because the networks decided that drama in the country was no longer progressive. We lost a lot of shows like Little House on the Prairie, Andy Griffith Show, Dukes of Hazard, and many other in the 1970s was not serving the American Dream.

People abandoned their small farms first. Then they abandoned the small towns. Now, as we progress further, we are finding that maybe we readily abandoned the countryside a little too much. Perhaps a reorganization is needed, and can be accomplished easier with the help of the Internet. If media got us sucked into the city life, the media can, in turn, blow us back out of it. But are the TV and Youtube channels willing to try and resell us on the value of the countryside shadow inventory?


2 thoughts on “Real Estate Shadow Inventory is being kept in smaller towns more than big cities

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