Why are vitamin extracts added to processed food? Because they add sugar extracts

The minimum way that food companies can make healthy and addictive food is to add vitamins to it. They will spike the food with as much as they get away with to make it addictive, then go further with adding vitamins to give us the illusion of it being healthy. You will see many cereals with added vitamin extracts. They always have added sugar.

Some food product manufacturers don’t need to bother with vitamin extracts when they add sugar. These are the most dangerously manufactured foods on the market. That’s not to give credit to vitamins, because studies have shown that vitamin supplements do not add years to your life.

 The vitamins are there as an attempt to mitigate the damaging effects of added sugar extracts. People will eat copious amounts of sugar extracts without realizing the damage they are doing. Or, the addict simply does not care, because they need to get their fix.

Vitamins don’t work well when they are extracted from the plant and used like a drug. The vitamin doesn’t do a good enough job to compensate for the addictive nature of sugar extracts. There are other important factors, like phytochemicals that need to be taken into account for good nutrition. Manufacturers are trying to play God with their addictive recipes. 

Sugar shows every sign of an addictive substance. People crave it once they get a taste for it. They don’t care how it damages their bodies as they consume it. They also go through a painful withdrawal symptoms when they haven’t had sugar extracts in days. For example, my stomach gets hungrier more frequently if I consume a lot of foods with a high sugar extract content.

Even with all of these vitamins added to high sugar extract substances, the obesity rate still remains high. So, adding vitamins to addictive processed foods is not good for the health of our nation. It is only serving the manufacturers of these addictive substances. They are getting richer based on our addiction to sugar extracts.

If you are a keen investor, then it’s wise to put money into sugar manufacturing companies. They will always have people returning to get their fix. The government is not doing anything to stop the addiction, so it’s a very good investment to make.


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