If Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend, how does it work for Gay Marriage

when lesbians marry, do they give each other an expensive diamond ring? Wow, that has got to be expensive for those dykes to try and keep up similarly with the traditional marriage standards. How does it work for fags? Do they even bother with any diamonds at all? Seems like they can really save themselves some money by not having to buy a diamond ring

Even the old tradition of men marrying women was getting expensive with the price of a diamond. The ring could sometimes be half the cost of a wedding for some people. By changing the standards of marriage, we can call into question the need for even using a diamond ring as a part of the ceremony.

Statistics have been around for a generation about how marriages are failing more often than ever. On top of that, people are not choosing to marry entirely and just enjoying cohabitation. If people don’t bother with marriage, then they also aren’t going to buy diamonds to secure the relationship. The significance of the diamond loses its value over time. But that is ok, because diamonds didn’t always have the same value throughout human history.

It wasn’t until about 100 years when diamonds became more a part of marriage ceremonies. The reason that diamonds became so popular for marriages more than any other activity was because of marketing and media. Without the promotion of these rocks as having value, they wouldn’t have been sold much. Somehow, the idea of using diamonds for old traditional marriage took off.

The movie industry had a very large influence over our perception of diamonds. This was not by accident. Diamond businesses would offer diamonds for free if they were displayed in movies as suttle commercials. Before people knew it, they had in the back of their minds how important it was to use diamonds to show how committed you were to your partner.

How do gay couples show commitment to each other today? Do diamonds play as big of a role in marriage? My guess is that they don’t, especially among poor people, like myself. 


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