Security used to be found in groups, but that gravitated to home dwelling

as the cops get worse and worse, people feel safer and safer running and hiding in their homes. They run to their well-furnished prison cells when the sun stops shining. When the night cops come out, the streets are on lock down and the same activities that you may perform during the day become illegal at night with the night cops.

The norm has gradually been changing over the years. We have to fear police presence at night because the cops control the night. They own it and their aggression comes out even stronger. It’s the difference between day and night with the cops. During the day, the “nice cops” work, but at night, the mean ones are out. Is it the night that makes these cops so mean, or are they hired specifically to act extra aggressive at night?

Here I get harrassed by another night cop for legally being in a park:


5 thoughts on “Security used to be found in groups, but that gravitated to home dwelling

  1. Your mind is severely warped man. Be nice to the night cops-they only want to make you and their city as safe as possible. You have never been harassed by a cop….it’s because your mind is so warped and that includes your mental disorder, that you automatically think you’re being harassed.

    Help, help I’m mentally ill—fuck off.

    Thank You

    • I’m obeying the law. That cop was not. He started lying about the park closing time. That pissed me off when people lie, especially with a badge. If you think I have a mental disorder because I hate liars, then I’m proud of my mental disorder -fuck you.

  2. At least you admit that you’re mental! Most people don’t. This is a fair warning not to overnight park in any park in Oregon! Ha ha Sucka!

    been harASSed lately? mental institution here we come!!

    Thank You,


  3. You’re the fucking liar man. You do car camp and you told the cop firmly that “I don’t camp”. I hate fucking liars like you. You’re so mental that you can’t even catch yourself lying to a cop!

    It’s not your fault that you’re always wrong, the weak ones are there to justify the strong

    You can’t see the forest for the trees, and you can’t smell your own shit on your knees

    Po homeless, moneyless, stinky, angry, hungry Travis.

    Thank You.

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