Growing up as a fat baby I compromised my health at an early age.

not only did my fat mom risk me as a damaged egg, she also continued to feed her sugar addiction while I was forming inside her. Then, upon my birth, I was fed mostly engineered formula, which usually was high in sugar and contained a lot of extracts. I lacked good nutrition which affected my whole development at an early age.

I can’t even remember much as a child. My memory was very hazy. Also, I saw pictures of myself as a baby, and I had a very prominent gut distension. My face looked extra fleshy, like my cheeks were carrying slabs of fat. It did not look healthy.

Because I was poorly fed, instead of developing good strong bones, muscle and sinew, my body dealt in more of a crisis mode that had to deal with managing the harmful effects of all the sugar extracts I was being assaulted with. My mind and muscles were significantly weaker in comparison to other school children. My jaw failed to fully develop because the sugar robbed me of calcium.

It all may seem negligible to most Americans, but that is because our perceptions of what being fat is has become different. People, these days, want to act like being overweight and gay is ok. But it’s not. It’s a predominance of estrogen circulating in these people. Fat tends to hold onto higher levels of estrogen which mildly impacts everything about us.

My performance in school was slightly below average. I wasn’t quite as fit as other people. I remember being nervous quite frequently and also sleepy at times. I had a lot of trouble holding my attention for any significant period of time, which made things more difficult. I have lived a slightly handicapped life.

It may seem normal when everyone else is also suffering from the effects of sugar addiction. But not every country experiences these same problems. Other countries care about their people and look after their own health. The U.S. Doesn’t care about the sugar addiction problem. The corn syrup trade is an economic bubble that needs to be regulated better so that it can burst. Society is going to need to break down before it can start to heal. We are just living in denial of this addiction problem.


2 thoughts on “Growing up as a fat baby I compromised my health at an early age.

  1. I LOVE when you get harassed by cops! One of these time you are going to get arrested for arguing with them. Please record that, as I would laugh my big white ass off watching it!

    C U in the clink, dink!

    Thank You.

    P.S. – you’re still phat!

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