Sanctions against Poor People in the US are designed to look fair and balanced

I was listening to the Hearthstone podcast and they talked about how sanctions were placed on Crimea by the Russians. No one in the country is allowed to play World of Warcraft legally due to the sanctions. That got me thinking about how limited poor people are in the US. There are so many barriers that prevent poor people from living clean lifestyles that seem like a prison.

First, the government has designed cities and organizations to encourage living lives that are more dependent on cars than any other nation. It’s not very easy for low income people to travel much without a vehicle. The Highways do not allow pedestrians and most roads offer only narrow strips of pavement to walk on along the road. There are all kinds of fences up that create barriers to travel and very angry private property owners who protect their land with guns and dogs.

Poor people are huddled into isolated enclaves of the city and left to struggle for more freedom. The City Councils across the US have designed their cities to appear as modern as possible and hide the poor from sight. It’s a battlezone where the poor seek relief for aid from the Food Banks and Dept of Health. The government can still track poor people effectively when they have to seek relief for food. So, having the food benefits programs work to keeping poor people grounded in areas.

What if the poor person wants to travel to another city and learn about new opportunities? Well, they will risk losing the EBT for food, which can be worth $200 per month. The stipulation that a poor person needs a permanent address makes it much easier to track them with EBT. So, the EBT will issue sanctions against a homeless person who cannot provide a permanent address.

People may not pay close attention to sanctions because they may not always seem that important. It takes some of the most extreme sanctions to really get people to notice. But, if the government is smart, they will implement their sanctions slowly over time so that it changes human behaviors over the long term rather than trying to spontaneously change us. Future generations that live under these sanctions may just assume that is how things have always been.

But have there always been curfews in the parks? These regulations have changed slowly. Usually, it seems to take some bizarre news story of an event that occurred to get the politics motivated to act on sanctions. But it happens, whether the event was severe, or fiction or misunderstood. We have a lot of rules and laws in place that people would find very silly 100 years ago.

Has the US improved the social system? It has changed a lot over the years and really seems to continue to progress into more of a Police State. Many groups of people are scared of the government and are forced to cower to its power. Our health in this constant state of fear gets worse off as we see people die from heart disease. A free society does not have a leading cause of death being heart disease.


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