Hearthstone for Girls: What would it look like? Life is a game of cards

i was thinking, after another terrible defeat in this cutthroat game, about how much I hate losing. That got me wondering about what if players never lose? What if the goal of the game was to help your friend instead, and it was their job to put up walls to block you from helping them. Maybe you could have a card where you borrow them $5. But then they play a card to block your generosity with a lottery card than won them $5. 

Maybe you could have a card to cover for them at work. But they might carry a card that says the boss owes them a favor. Or you could hold a card that says to surprise them with a birthday present. But they play a card that says a friend told them your plans. It could go on and on, but doesn’t need to. In the end, you both win because one of you becomes more friends with the other.

Of course, this only looks like a 2 player game. That seems to be the main theme for Magic: the Gather, Yu Gi Oh, Hearthstone, Pokemon, Chaotic and others. It would be fun to be able to bring more people in to play the same kind of card game. Of course, this done with regular cards and UNO. But people may tend to get more bored with the old card games. It’s amazing how far card games have come, and they never used to be so violent before either.

One early card game that was popular in the late 1800s was called whist. Some of the most famous people of the time used to play it, like Cornelius Vanderbilt and Mark Twain. I’m not sure if many females played it. Either way, this game was a more friendly laid back type of game. But it lost popularity somehow, in favor of other games like BlackJack or Texas Hold EM. They used the same cards, but played them in a different way.

These old cards have drastically lost value to people. They seem to be common and boring to most people. You wouldn’t see the Queen of spades being sold on eBay for $1000, because she is so common. However, there are Magic cards sold for almost $2k, like the Purple Lotus. People are paying big money to buy decks from Hearthstone. Heck, even I’m tempted to buy decks with Hearthstone, but I live in my car, so I don’t do it.

I’m just saying that these fantasy card games can still expand much further than they are. We have seen the success so far and many of us are addicted to Heartstone. But not all us like to play the same style of game, which is where Hearthstone is at. It’s an unfriendly game that rewards aggression, bullying and dominance of your opponents. What kind life skills does that bring for people? What mother would want her child playing this game? What kind of females really enjoy making other people lose?

There should be more friendly card games that people can walk away feeling good from, even after losing. That is the kind of card game that is more friendly for females and emotionally sensitive alike.

Also, it would be fun to see a Simpson or Southpark version of Hearthstone. That could make the game more lighthearted. Sound effects and graphics really add to the appeal. I think a familiar Simpsons theme would be perfect.


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