Gregor Mendel Observations and Genetic Modified Organisms are the same thing

so what if people breed different plants together to make a super plant. It’s still a living thing that is vulnerable to the elements of its environment. There is nothing all that special or concerning about breeding or propagating living tissues that can still sustain life naturally.

The bigger problem is what humans do to the food afterwards. What are the intentions with this particular food? That is where the danger starts. Even the fertilizers and pesticides pale in comparisons to the terrible processing techniques used by human hands. The plants can’t put our health as much as humans.

Sure, the leaves in choke cherries are enough to kill a horse with cyanide, but the dosage needs to be relatively large to take effect. The horse will most likely learn after a few nibbles that something doesn’t feel right. Humans, on the other hand, can extract the cyanide and kill hundreds of people. Just look at the Jonestown massacre. People simply drank to their death with just a cup of moo laid. They had no chance to learn that the extract was poison before it was too late.

Humans create poisonous extractions that bypass our natural warning systems that we are consuming poison. Instead, we simply suffer the damage until it passes through. At least with plants in their whole form, there are phytochemicals that issue warnings that trouble is ahead. Also the low dosages in plant material will force us to consume more diluted amounts of a poison.

The reason people are getting fat and suffer massive fluctuations is because the sugar extracts bypass their warning systems and go straight into damage mode.


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