Dough conditioners are dangerous for high fiber breads

only in America do we have so many problems with the food manufacturers. But, we have to remember that it was early pioneer Americans who also added sawdust to pass off as flour for that easy money. There is not much that you can put past American bakers. The bakers have their priorities and that is not in the interest of health.

Just look back to the late 1800s when bakers found a way to isolate gluten so they could make their perfectly formed cakes and cookies. Americans started getting addicted to the added sugar extracts back then too. So, we recognize all cookies as looking exactly the same and tasting the same sweetness. The evolution of baking has been one of the most prolific addictions, completely ignored, and causing a host of health problems in its wake.

We should call these health problems, “bakers disease”, because that is where we centralize the problem. Most people suffer their problems at the hands of processed food manufacturers. Hundreds of definitions for these new health problems sprung up over the 1900s that barely existed in the 1800s. Problems like gluten intolerance, metabolic syndrome, diabetes and more can blame modern baking methods.

The latest issues with baking are that the dough conditioners are causing health problems. I noticed that the high fiber breads have the same texture as low fiber bread. The reason for this is the increase in dough conditioning. This conditioning is also eaten and will lead to its unique problems.

What is used in dough conditioners for high fiber breads that is causing problems.

Fiber or bran makes the bread fall apart, unless a conditioner is added to make it more like glue. This is unfortunate.


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