Having breathing troubles and chest tightness either from Food Bank food or air stagnation

im pretty sure that relying completely on Food Bank food is causing me problems. But I must also consider the problems I have had in the past with oregano. Whenever I consume oregano, it will affect my testosterone hormone and this always seems to increase pressure on my heart. Or, at least there is another Phytochemical in oregano that places an unwelcome demand on my heart.

I remember consuming more oregano today, so it adds up in my blood. Also, the Renaissance bread has flax seed which will further cause problems with my sex drive. These herbs ramp up my sex drive, but are damaging to my heart. So there is a good chance that I am suffering by my own targeted strategy. I am aware of it because I have experimented in the past to get bad feeling results like this. Although, this current bad feeling in my chest is the worst one yet.

There is also the Pelligrano water that I drank too. I received two small bottles from a Dood Bank. It’s hard to believe that these waters can cause heart problems, but it’s very carbonated and probably sat on the shelf for years. When I drank 1 Pelligrano yesterday by itself, it changed the way my throat felt. My throat felt more dry. I wasn’t too happy about that effect but I figured on giving the second Pelligrano a try with canned food to feel how it can wash down food. It seemed to do the job.

I will need to throw some of the Food Bank food in the trash to avoid eating it. Again. I don’t want my health problems to deteriorate any more than it is right now.

On another note, I have to wonder what is going with the air. I don’t see air stagnation warnings like I use to from the weather channel. Bad air is also supposed to be hard on the heart. So I could be suffering from w combination of factors that led to my heart troubles.


2 thoughts on “Having breathing troubles and chest tightness either from Food Bank food or air stagnation

    • Yeah, you’re probably right. It was no fun. I walked around a little bit and then went back to sleep. I think that the Food Bank food might have too much salt, not sure.

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