The World is the Dog Owners Toilet and Side Walks are no Exception

Many people probably want to argue that most dog owners are responsible human beings. I will argue that the opposite is true. As much as a dog shits, you know that the owner isn’t always going to pick it up, especially if the owners back hurts that month. So, other pedestrians are left with planting their feet firmly in dog shit everyday to remind us all how much you love your dogs.

Most dog owners seem to be confused about when their dogs take a shit. The poop even surprises the dog owner themselves. Just the other week I watched a dog owner tripping over their own dog while it was taking a shit. The dog kept getting tripped over and had to waddle while defecating on the sidewalk. The owner just looked at their dog in confusion and kept walking away leaving behind a trail of dog shit on a sidewalk many people use.

Another time, I saw a young male encouraging his dog to shit on a sidewalk. After the dog was done pooping, they walked away from the poop like nothing happened. Most dog owners simply give up on handling their dog poop. They don’t care that other people step in the poop. In fact, they probably would be quick to call us stupid for stepping in the poop and not watching where we walk.

The sidewalks already tend to ban bicyclists and skateboarders because they are such a loathe some group of people. Their antics are much better confined to the more dangerous streets to help rehabilitate them for engaging in proper sidewalk behavior. They would be much better citizens if they got dogs instead that shit on the sidewalks. It’s much more American to have dog poop on the sidewalks than skateboards.

Maybe I’m taking sidewalks for granted. It’s not like they are golden pathways to prosperity anyway. They are just flat boring pieces of concrete we press the dirtiest part of our bodies to every day, assuming the foot is the dirtiest part of most people.

Other things also land upon the sidewalk as well, like some bodies cheeseburger or milkshake or puke from last nights drinking binge. It isn’t always dog poop that I find on the sidewalk. But, it does look more offensive to see poop on the sidewalk. The smell is terrible and dog poop seems to stick to the shoe for many days with that horrible smell. At least stepping on puke won’t curl around the edges of your shoe, getting on the sides. Stepping on a milkshake can leave a better smell, at least.

Even with the designated dog zones, that doesn’t deter dog owners from coaxing their dogs along a sidewalk until it decides to poop on it. Those dog zones are just over fenced grasslands.


2 thoughts on “The World is the Dog Owners Toilet and Side Walks are no Exception

  1. It’s not any worse smell than somebody who hasn’t bathed in years…..YOU! You’re a doorknob!

    Sugar is a drug like cocaine, if you think different then you’re insane!

    Thank You

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