Sugar is a drug that is somewhat regulated by the stomach

with each meal, our stomach can only be filled up so much before it needs a rest. That is how we regulate our drug fix for sugar. However, with the latest extraction techniques, many people get a higher proportion of sugar added into their perishables, so the stomach becomes less of a factor in controlling our drug fix for sugar.

Usually for other drugs like heroin, cocaine, weed, steroids….they have a different medium of delivery. They don’t taste good like sugar, as I know (although coca leaf tea tastes good). So the drugs are regulated in measurements that the user needs to be familiar, like vials, grams, units, pinches, hits, or whatever. Even prescription drugs get measured out by the pill size. They no longer bother with liquid drugs in the medical world, most likely because people don’t keep themselves in check with their consumption as keenly. Imagine liquid Prozac or Aderral.

Unfortunately, HFCS is still a liquid drug that is readily sold at grocery stores. Many people will recreationally drink it straight from the bottle. In fact, its fermented elder is consumed by many unhealthy people. They just don’t realize that they are doing about as much damage to their bodies as someone who drinks liquid HFCS. 

So we know that alcohol is addictive and one of the most widespread killers of health. But people seem to think that the damaging effects are limited to only fermented beverages in the sugar trade. All alcohol comes from sugar. You can’t to alcohol without sugar being a part of formula. Why don’t people see the similarities? Most of them are addicted and live in denial.

People say that drug addiction is a social issue and not a criminal one. I disagree with both approaches. I say it’s an addiction problem because you can’t teach people to learn with an addict. Society has to break down to get the addict to stop their behaviors. We are a nation of addicts living in denial. A lot of fat people are walking billboards for the addiction problem.

Fat people advertise their addiction problems to sugar and fermented sugar as clear as day. Although, there are also skinny fat people too. Maybe I have a keen eye for what I find healthy looking, but I can tell how healthy a person is by looking at them. Being skinny is not always healthy, especially when there appears to be a lack of visible muscle.

For me, muscle is everything, and it’s one of the first things to go with sugar and alcohol addiction. I know how people are challenging their stomachs by looking at their muscle. The best measure of health is strength/weight. How many pull-ups can you do? How far and fast can you run? It’s one of the most basic tests for health and it seems to be getting ignored in favor of an addicted society. People are making too many conveniences for the disabled people.

What better way is there to complain about fat people than through the McDonald’s free wifi. I will say that I don’t necessarily buy anything to use the wifi.


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