Somebody or something has to lose for someone else to gain

we all eat at the expense of other animals and plants. So in a competition, the humans are coming out ahead over the other plants and animals. But not everyone can enjoy the spoils equally in beating the other species. It’s a feat that that only farmers can enjoy. Everyone else is left up to beating each other up in competition.

My grandma said that she would rather fight with a machine than farm animals. She did experience farming for a number of years and understood what she was saying. In a way though, she was also wrestling a job away from another human. She kept her job out of the hands of other people for 13 years until her retirement offered her more money than the job. She made the better decision it’s not that way any more.

There is no retirement package that can outdo the competitive industry that is currently running. The winners are simply making a living on the backs of losers. It’s a very cutthroat industry and classes quickly develop as a result. The fighting is very real and is engaged in on many different levels. Not everyone fights fairly. They, instead, fight to their best strength. It only makes sense for the individual.

I find it fun to compete in video games against other people. But, we all win and lose in the tug of war for dominance. Some people tend to win more than others, and it may appear unfair with what is going on. Who is decide what is fair? Are the rules just? There are too many factors to consider in all this competition. Eventually,someone finds a loophole and exploits it. Is it really fair that the discover should get all the spoils. Finding loopholes doesn’t always take talent.


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