EBt is serious about housing

i lost my $200 per month for being homeless without an address. It seems strange that they demand I have an address to eat. If it’s so important to them that I have an address, then why can’t they coordinate housing too? They should just stick with helping people eat instead of enforcing a housing policy. It’s seems to be an overstep of their authority.

Now, I am going to need to put more focus on the food banks and community meals. I found 2 food banks in this new city, but don’t have any idea if there is any kind of community meal area. I keep missing the open business hours. Their hours are generous, I’m just bad at finding places.

Now, I am back in starvation mode. It’s the weekend when everything is closed. The timing couldn’t be any worse. I was caught by surprise that I was going to get cut off. It makes more sense to me at this point to save the money for gas and emergencies. Gas can get me to a better value food bank. It’s a waste of money to spend my savings on myself to eat. I can get much better value with having reliable transportation for a food bank.

It’s spring time as well, so there are some wild edibles sprouting up. It’s too bad the cities tend to be so toxic with pollution. I’m very nervous about how safe it is to eat weeds next to the road. 

It’s usually easier to starve in the summer time with the added heat. But it’s still going to be cold the next few days. I will be reducing my eating in the colder weather which is not any fun. 

The Tillamook office might not like me. I did argue with the secretary. She probably felt some vindication in cutting me off. She definitely wins this round. I am defeated and now will have to reduce my eating as punishment.


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