Fat people increasingly became a problem since the automobile

i think became less concerned with weight gain when the auto was invented. They found that much heavier weights can be transported with an engine over a horse. Gas was cheap and plentiful. Food was harvested in greater numbers. A lot of energy was redistributed on the backs of gas powered engines.

If you look at the history of bodybuilding, it seems to start at the tail end of horse riding and beginning of autos. People put less pride in their farm and recreation animals and more into human bodies. Most people seemed to take good health for granted as far back as the late 1800s. 

There was a lot of demand for general physical labor that required everybody to take part in. But the demand started to shrink and people focused on themselves even more. With the passing of new laws that kicked farm animals out of the city and only allowing a small select species into it, people put more focus on themselves. Since facilities for animal training and housing began to shrink, other facilities started to take their places, such as gyms.

It amazes me how people consider placing great physical demands on animals is inhumane, but the strongman competitions are not. There are many strongmen and women who feel trapped in their lifestyles of performing great feats of strength. They will do anything to get stronger so they can continue to eat and make a living. A lot of pressure is placed on humans to perform these great feats of strength now, whereas the pressure used to be placed on horses and other farm animals.

Is it more humane that the football player gets a college education before he is enticed to bash his head in playing for the crowds? Many of these players suffer debilitating injuries for something they believe that other people want to watch. It’s somehow better that humans beat each other up rather than other animals. This has been the change in our attitiudes since cars were mass produced.

People feel the stress of becoming more popular and with the attention will go to great lengths to keep the attention of others. Many humans take drugs to put on weight, such as steroids and sugar. We marvel at the gross sizes of other people. This can be uplifting for the larger person to be gawked at. How cool and fun is it to be the big guy amongst average people?

I wonder what humans will do when the gas runs out? I beleive that as the gas continues to get more and more expensive, people will need to lose the weight and start relying on other animals to pick up the workload like in the 1800s. Unless something tragic occurs, we will need to scale back on our infatuation with weight gain and start returning to smaller lifestyles. It’s clear that airlines are charging more money for transporting extra weight. Moving extra weight takes an extra cost.


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