Just another boring day in my life

I have been spending a lot of my time getting familiar with the stories in Game of Thrones. I have listened to the actor .interviews as well. I also watched the same scenes over and over again, particularly the Purple Wedding. There is a lot of amazing dialogue in the movie. They have some of the most sobering conversations between each other.

The fight scenes are spectacular as well and are hard to ignore. I would say that many times, the conversations could be as entertaining as the physical fighting. But I couldn’t choose one over the other. Many times they have to give us clues in the conversations about who might die next.

On another note, I have been playing a lot of Hearthstone, even though the losing is bad. Sometimes I can lose 5 or more games in a row which really anger me. I think I will grow tired of the game enough to completely quit, but it’s not looking like any time soon. I never expected to enjoy fighting with digital cards so much. Although, I did get addicted to World of Warcraft for a couple years.

I have walked a fair amount in some new cities. I have to get familiar with new cities so I know where to park without getting in too much trouble. The cities away from the coast seem a little more relaxed with legal demands. It’s amazing the difference between how strict a coastal city is compared to non-coastal.

I have been farting a lot and it’s very offensive. Much of my farting problem comes from my diet. I’m getting fatter and probably in worse shape from my bad food choices. It could be the higher fiber that is making me fart more, but I think I would rather have a farting problem than be constipated, if that really is much of a choice.


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