“You know nothing, Jon Snow” is a phrase that has been around for hundreds of years

while reading a biography on Mark Twain I came across an interesting excerpt about a group known as the “know nothing’s”. They existed in the early 1850s mostly in Saint Louis. Here is a description of them:

The nickname hung on nativist American party by Horace Greeley, in reference to members penchant for saying, “I know nothing” in response to all questions about their organization. Greeley intended the label as an indictment, but party members grew to like it

-Mark Twain, a life by Ron Powers page 68

As you can see that people relish in the know nothing phrase and it has risen and fallen sporadically for the moment in time that influences it. I think the phrase is neat and adds drama to tense moments between Jon and Ysidra. But she isn’t exactly the first people to trumpet this kind of statement for other people to take hold of with relish.


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