minor salivary gland cancer early signs and symptoms

I notice that I have been getting a recurring small discoloration on the outside of my cheek on the left side. It feels like it lost feeling too. Then upon using my tongue to feel the inner portion of my mouth around the same area, I notice that my salivary gland is swollen, compared to the other salivary gland on the right.

I have not been brushing my teeth very much and the teeth row in the rear tend to feel dirty and gunky for days on end. For some reason, the right side always feels cleaner than the left. I always have to clean the upper left row of teeth more often than the right. Also, I feel the most pain in the upper left row of my teeth after eating sugar foods.

I think the dirtiness of my teeth and the lack of care has caused the swelling of my left saliva gland. I will need to keep my teeth cleaner to see if that can reduce the swelling. It feels like a very small donut with a larger hole. I looked at it and it does look a little larger than the right side.

Also, the darker color on my skin on the other side of my cheek may be related. I need to pay closer attention to it. It seems odd, but maybe a combination of my frost bite sores and lack of teeth cleaning, as well as a lot of sun exposure while sitting in my car (the sun hits my left side a lot) may have contributed to the changing of tissues. I’m not sure.


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