Grocery Stores that carry over 50% items with added sugar should be fined

or at least, they should be labeled as candy shops. In their pursuit for profits, they have neglected the health of the people for too long. The U.S. Is suffering the worst cases of obesity because the choices for sugar are too high. It’s hard not to buy something that does not contain sugar.

It’s been said time and time again that grocery stores have over 80% of their products with added sugar. This is an unregulated practice. The grocery store managers have been corrupted. They don’t know what is really good for the public. 

People talk about how it’s not fair that a fat dietician should not tell us how to eat. But, I think we need to go further with that and say that fat grocers have a lot to do with how we eat. There should be a government appointed dietician who overlooks what the grocery stores are allowed to sell. These middle men have sold foods unregulated for too long.

We all can save money as a Nation by regulating the sugar access. Corn producers have gone too far in their production and need to be punished for pushing their crops on people excessively. We have turned into a nation of addicts for this HFCS. People get scared when cocaine, and corn sugar seems to be ok for some reason. It doesn’t make any sense.


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