How many fatties are in a leadership position? Much less than the population percentage by ratio

You see that over 1/4 of the American people are fat overall. I think it’s even higher than that because the standards seem to be loosened up too much for the scourge of obesity that has plagued this fat nation for over 40 years now. If you look at the percentage of fat people elected into political positions, they seem to fail to represent the high percentage of fat people that waddle the streets occasionally. If I were to guess how many chunks are in leadership position I would say it’s more where Germany is.

Fat people have hurt themselves with their awful addictions as well as their abilities to effectively lead any significant group of people. The Nation of the US has grown very sloth, and as it may seem that policies are changing us into more healthy individuals, it turns out to only be an illusion. Nobody is treating the problems with HFCS because the surplus is still incredibly high. Nobody is putting a stop to the extractions coming out of the corn fields. The methods are getting more efficient for this addictive substance and the leaders ignore it.

Most leaders are in good shape and know not to overeat the corn syrup like addicts. People still find the side effects of sugar addiction as being funny to watch. Fat people are funnier than average sized people. It’s a sad clown trajedy that is going on in the US.


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