Not all Food Banks are created equally; It depends upon the racial makeup of the city

I’ve been to several different Food Banks in several cities. All of them offer slightly different free items. There are many different factors that contribute to what they can offer for free. The local businesses determine what is free or not. So there is an important factor. Also, the type of people who shop at the store and support can influence the generosity of the store as well. The kind of industry that employs the people will determine how rich or poor the city is and will be a factor on who receives food from the Food Bank as well.

There is a lot to think about besides the racial balance. But, my sources of information about a city come largely from Wikipedia, and they can highlight the racial mixture in even the smallest towns. I rarely know what industries are in each town that contribute to it’s progression. Although, there is the average income statistic that gives some insight into the livelihoods for the people there. Usually, though, the cities with larger minorities will make less money in general.

When I judge the food at Food Banks, it comes down to one simple factor. How much sugar extracts are added to the foods. Is the food wholesome or just candy? The cities with more nonwhites tend to get the candy. One city I was at, I turned down 85% of the food because of all the candy. Some of the few food choices that I did accept actually got me sick because of possible spoilage. It’s kind of bad with these places.

It’s concerning to know how the nonwhites are discriminated against. I have trouble feeling a lot of empathy for them though, largely because I misunderstand them. They seem to see things in different ways that I will never agree with. It really gives me the impression that our brains are hardwired in set ways for a lot of our perceptions. That is largely why I love Chinese Face Reading, because it helps me make sense of my racist attitude at times. I can’t at least try to break down some barriers of racism and read their individual faces. I don’t particularly like grouping too many people together and calling them all the same kind of person. We still are individuals.

Racism or species preferences is not a bloody war like it used to be with whites versus the indians. It has turned into an effective economic squeeze that prices certain people out with buyer behavior. But also, with the free services, like Food Banks, you will see the discrimination also happening in a different way. The discriminatory practices are largely a social issue and not just economic with white people getting better jobs than blacks. But it’s still best to try and look at the problem on an individual basis, if you have the time for all that.


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