I don’t celebrate victories or achievements because I always ask what’s next?

I never felt like it was necessary to join in celebrations or parties. It all seemed like too much vanity. I didn’t feel like any accomplishment was really worth being all that proud of. Although I can’t say that I accomplished much in my life anyway. It’s all been like a slow progression with very few peaks and valleys. I probably had some moments that could have changed my life, but those moments I truly reflect on are with girls I would have liked to date. Nothing else really mattered.

I never really liked the type of people who gloat about their own great accomplishments. I don’t really care about all that historical stuff in your life so much. I love to hear more about other peoples screw ups and how they overcame them, if they ever were able to overcome them. I know that I have had my fair share of screw ups.

People talk about how some achievements cannot be ignored, like serving in the military or graduating college. But, I find those moments as rather worthless now in my later life. I take some experiences from the military and college, but they are definitely not keys that unlock great potential for a career. It’s more about what kind of attitude you have and mine isn’t great. Anybody can perform amazing tasks with a bad attitude. It’s the ones with a good attitude who get the opportunity to go on and do even greater things.


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