If Mexican Americans only read the history of their Spanish language, they could see the futility of their insolence

The Spanish people were very cruel to the Mexicans during the Inca empires. The Spanish made more slaves and tortured more Mexicans than any other country. Yet, the Mexicans hold on to the Spanish language in some form of defiant way against English rule. I have been to places in the US that can be confused with Mexico.

The Mexicans want to argue that it is the English speakers and our ancestors who subjugated the Indians and broke up their empires. They all think of the English as the Evil Empire that would have to face a strong opposition by the Mexicans. But I think that the Spanish are simply pulling the strings of the Mexicans. The Spanish are redefining their bloody history with Mexico and influencing the Mexicans into believing that speaking English is a curse.

How naive these Mexicans are. They clearly don’t have fair access to history books that tell how they are so misinformed. I remember a few years ago when there was some kind of advertisement that California used to belong to the Mexicans and that the U.S. took it out of greed. The Mexicans believe they can take back large tracts of US land for themselves in their own way. They choose to use the Spanish language to defy English speaking authority. But, using the Spanish language will only bring in the influence of Spain into the country and we know how much Spain is willing to treat Mexicans like dogs.


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