Fortune cards or Playing Cards may have led to Hearthstone; I wish I saw that coming.

if you combine the attributes of regular cards with Ace, Queen, King… With fortune cards, you might get something like Hearthstone cards. There are many kinds of strategies that develop with such a wide variety available now. It’s amazing how far that card games have come along over time.

I remember learning how to play Go Fish with my grandma when I was about 5 years old. It seemed kind of fun to play. I remember being a little confused about being told to go fish, because I thought I needed a fishing pole to do that. I don’t recall anyone ever sitting down with me before and teaching me how to play a card game. I never played that game again, it was a special moment with me and my grandma.

Later on in life, I played other card games like solitaire, which my mom taught me at about 12 years old. She showed me how the playing card game is more about playing by yourself against the luck of the draw. She seemed to enjoy playing the card game by herself at times. I have to wonder if she ever learned to play any other card games.

My dad, whom was divorced and separated from my mom at about age 5, played card games with other friends. I believe they played some kind of Lucky Hearts or Spades game where they would bluff each other a lot and drink alcohol. I never seen my dad play card games without some friends around. I never really learned to play those games. I can’t quite figure out the strategy of them. They seemed too complicated for my feeble mind.

I can say that card games were never a big part of my life. When I started playing on computers before the Internet, I found myself turning to the solitaire game fairly often. It was frustrating and boring, but helped pass the time. It was just something to do to pass the time. 

I never experienced a Fortune telling with cards because I wasn’t willing to pay money for it. It seemed like a waste of money to experience. Just like I am unwilling to spend any money on Hearthstone. If the cards present themselves as something free to play with, then I will consider seriously learning how to play them. But if it’s going to cost me money, then I want nothing to do with it. The most action I will take at that point is being a spectator.

In today’s world, these card games have gotten a lot more interesting. They clearly have captivated the attention of many youths. I notice in the libraries i hang out at that several youths will get together with their Magic the Gathering cards. They talk about their cards and seem very enthused about themselves. It’s like these simple cards have taken people to another level of interaction.

But the 52 deck playing cards never brought these people together in this same way. As well as the fortune cards tended to be ridiculed as just gypsy superstition. Now, this superstition has taken hold of people’s imaginations. What was once 2 very different games have seemed to come together to create a whole new level of geekiness. I have to wonder when people first realized they could attach numbers to these fantasy cards. Maybe somebody accidentally combined their playing cards and fortune cards together and saw a pattern developing.

I feel stupid for having collected baseball cards, garbage pail kid cards and many others. I could play those cards. I couldn’t do anything but collect them and look at them. So what? I needed something to pass the time better. But this was in the early 1990s and nobody made the connections effectively yet. I certainly didn’t know how to make the card games connect better. I tried to figure it out but I didn’t have the same motivations for the card collecting like everybody else. But I did collect a lot of Garbage Pail kid cards and just considered them as nothing more than an investment. Oh well.


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