I went from exercising in nice gyms to exercising in parks and library bathrooms because I ran out of money

The thing that strikes me as odd is I can still come to the library for free. We have placed a very high priority of reading but very little on health. It’s too bad we couldn’t strike a better balance and offer more free exercise rooms. I believe that exercise is very important for peoples learning behavior. Good blood circulation is essential for retaining knowledge.

It’s amazing to me how the cities fail to support exercise. Although, there did appear to be a little evidence that they cared about adult health when those fitness courses were put up. But a couple decades later and the most we see for fitness are frisbee golf which is just as lazy an activity as regular golf.

I have a feeling that the government feels better about society being more physically weak. Even Arnold Schwarzenneger chose to remove weights from the prisons. He didn’t like that the criminals were leaving with more physical strength. Although, encouraging the book learning is ok.

I think the people who are smart and not fit are more dangerous than fit people. The people who regularly exercise have discipline and tend to control their emotions better. There is a focus for the excess emotional energy that can be redirected towards a gym, weights, cardiovascular exercise and whatever someone knows will work as a better option. The unfit people don’t know how to control their anger because many don’t know how exercise works. They can be some of the most unbalanced people around.

Without government support for exercise, which appears to be much less than ideal, we will have more people redirecting their energies towards deconstructive habits. The environment shapes our behaviors and you see all this technology that will bring more future frustrations to the people. We need better physical outlets to deal with it all.

My downgrading in health standards leads me to complaining here. I am definitely not satisfied with the options available for exercise. I can’t say I will be happy with a free gym membership, because going to the same gym over and over again is monotonous. It would be much better to have more options for exercise outside the gym as well -not just for kids under 12 years old.;


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