Food Stamps or Health and Human Services is Threatening to close my case

They insist that I need a permanent mailing address for them to send mail to. But, in each city I check out, I never find a reason to stay for more than a few weeks at a time. I can’t keep a permanent mailing address because many cities are too boring to stay in. I don’t know how other people get into the same routine of returning to the same place over and over again.

When I owned a home for over 8 years, I felt a lot of depression and thought this is how life is supposed to be. I experimented with many types of herbal remedies to try and cure my depression, but none of them worked very well. Then I got into magnet therapy, which helped calm my nerves, but didn’t satisfy my need to travel around and break up my routine.

For all these medications that doctors prescribe, I think they are missing the ultimate symptom that people are suffering from, and that is home ownership. It’s so easy for a city to count people and collect taxes when the people are grounded and tethered to one small area. But if the people are highly mobile, then they become a problem for the government and much harder to track.

If I lose the $200 of food stamps per stamps, I will only have a couple months of my own savings left to spend on food. I will be forced to travel around larger cities as they offer more soup kitchens and food banks. All the smaller towns and villages have nothing to offer a street beggar. It’s kind of sad too because I see a lot of empty homes in the smaller towns that could be plowed over for more community gardens rather than sit vacant and get moldy. It’s unfortunate for the type of house that is required to sit on the property if you want to try and farm things on it.

I don’t like the traditonal farming that a lot of people are practicing today. I don’t want to be confined to just a small plot o land. It looks a lot more appealing to work somewhat as a migrant worker and be able to travel. I would never want to clean the same toilet for 20 years. But if I could clean a diferent toilet each month instead, I would be happier to break up the change in routine.

Some people get too comfortable in their routines and they get sick from it. They are the ones who more readily accept the doctor medications which lead to even sicker conditions for themselves. I


2 thoughts on “Food Stamps or Health and Human Services is Threatening to close my case

  1. I hear ya! We have a drop in crisis intervention center in eugene oregon called ‘white bird’ where a lot of ‘ house less’ ppl can use WB address to get their mail & food stamps. If you are traveling in oregon you mite consider swinging into eugene on a monthly basis to pick up yer stamps. WB also can give referrals to other services like dental & medical free or low cost. You mite check it out on line to see amirite.

    • I was using the Coop church in McMinnville to get mail. They had a different place to eat every day for soup kitchens. Is there a daily soup kitchen around you?

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