More and more murders occur over Magic the Gathering cards. The Monopoly game never looked so friendly

And you thought Monopoly caused family violence. The Magic Gathering brings out the worst in people even more so than the family game boards. Just watch the first minute of this video:

If you search in Google for other related murders, they appear to be increasing. Also, after listening to the recent Planet Money podcast “Episode 609: The Curse Of The Black Lotus” I understand that there is a large market that is worth a lot of money for these paper cards.

These cards are like baseball cards on steroids. Magic: The Gathering cards came out right as I joined the military in 1995 and they passed my attention like Pokemon. I was too busy to even hear about these popular fads. However, these sources of entertainment are fads that have lasted for a very long time now. In fact, this habit is becoming even more ravenous and getting more popular than ever.

I love/hate Hearthstone, which is supposed to be similar to MTG. Sometimes after losing a game pretty badly, I just want to choke the winner to death. It is an awful thought and I need a little time to cool down after losing. I can see how some people get heated up about MTG as well. In fact, I remember outside the library in Rice Lake, WI, a girl went into her car and started screaming alot. I was just sitting outside in the cold playing on the internet. I wanted to know what was going on, but I had a pretty good idea that something went wrong with her game. She was probably frustrated with losing a game most likely.

That pain of losing translates into profits for the games manufacturers because nobody wants to lose and the best way to prevent losing is to have the best cards. However, this can get expensive, especially when the decks change completely over every few years. They have an amazing system that keeps people wanting more.

But is this system of trade very healthy for us? I’m not sure. I see there are a lot of overweight people who play and don’t seem to care very much for their own health. But this could be more of a causality than direct correlation.

I remember playing a little Dungeons and Dragons in the 80s. But I didn’t like it too much because it seemed too open-ended. This MTG card game really brings a much better structure to the game. It makes it more about logic than fantasy. Although, people are still free to make up stories of their conquests in the game

Seans Outpost was started because Sean was accused of stealing a card or cards and then subsequently murdered for it.



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