Hit up another Food Bank with a terrible score on free food

From what they presented to me, which was about 40 pounds of food, I had to turn down 37 lbs of it. The majority of the choices are sugar added substances. They are no good and I refuse to eat them. The items I did agree to take were a couple apples, bread with a high fiber ratio, small tray of other fruits and coconut milk. 

As I was turning most of the box of food away, an older indian woman approached and started grabbing for some food. But a volunteer was present and shooed the Indian beggar away. The food was quickly put back in their secure area.

Didn’t the food banks used to be about giving away bulk grains and food items at one time? It’s turned into a free candy store in many cities. The health of the people will get negatively influenced by these bad choices.


3 thoughts on “Hit up another Food Bank with a terrible score on free food

  1. You can disagree all you want, but the truth hurts! I disagree with bums like you sucking off the system for free. Have you ever heard of the wonderful thing called a job? Try it sometime, you just might like it. Then I can say “Travis likes it!”

    Also, you make your own fromunda cheese:)

    Thank You

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