My Gut is Expanding and I’m Having Trouble with Stopping it

I noticed that a bread I ate had a 10 sugar / 1 fiber and tasted like cake to me. I don’t know how these food manufacturers in America can continue to get away with mislabeling their processed food. They have a lot of tricks to keep us addicted to products and no one seems to care. Other countries are watching the US with disgust yet we still have to much to admit that the health of over half of us is deteriorated.

The deterioration of the medical system and the state of our increased waistlines is not by accident. The system was put in place a long time ago. We haven’t noticed it like we have the terrorist acts. The progress has been slow and steadily tipping towards a national epidemic in bad health. It’s kind of like the rising numbers of Mexican Americans. They are slowly growing, yet we are busy paying too much attention to terrorists instead.

It seems if given enough time to rationalize a slowly growing waistline, then we can accept it easier. But is this really smart for our health? There has to be a tipping point to turn around the increasing fatness. We need to stop irrationalizing the weight gains and be more sober and reasonable about it. But that’s the problem, the obese are not sober, because they are addicted to a substance that the government chooses to ignore. The government instead turns around and legalizes marijuana to create another protective insulating barrier between regulating harmless sugar extracts.


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