What do Black people and Skateboarders have in common? Loud Noise! These are my observations

Many reasons why black people and white skateboarders catch a lot of negative attention is because many of them create a lot of short bursts of noise that can be aggravating to hear. But when things become quiet, it’s almost like it never happened, right? But we do have the sense of hearing which can have its limits in sensitivity at the time.

I have noticed time and time again these two different groups of people drawing my attention frequently. Whether it be the loud banging of wheels on concrete or a car booming bass at its loudest decibels. I get annoyed listening to these kinds of explosions of sounds especially when they are unwanted.

The reason I point out loud cars as an example, because I never really thought of them as a problem while I lived in wisconsin. But when I joined the Air Force and got stationed in Louisiana, the raucous from many car stereos got to be annoying on the air base. I took note of who the people tended to play their stereos loudly and it appeared to be more black people than any other group. Or at least, they didn’t have the respect to turn their volumes down around residential areas. I knew a few white people who had big loud stereo systems, but they seemed to choose better times to turn up their volumes.

Even Fire Departments are sensitive to their noise problems when they drive through residential neighborhoods. They want to be noticed but not so much that they receive scorn for loud noise complaints.

Skateboarders create a lot of banging that turns heads frequently. People may not notice the tricks performed so much as the loud noises that come from slamming their skateboards down on the concrete. One lady described it as the sound of breaking bones. Yet, people fail to mention the noise when they complain about skateboarders.

Loud unwanted noises create tension in the form of stress. Sometimes people may not make their best decisions when under this kind of loud noise stress. They just want it to stop and to never be heard from again. Other people may have different ways of dealing with the loud noises by trying to get used to it.

When I talked to a Homeless Shelter administrator in Aberdeen, WA about how the traffic sounded very loud right outside the door. He said that he is getting used to it. To that I replied that the only he gets used to it is when he loses his hearing.

Hearing loss is certainly a solution to the loud annoying noises, but hearing loss can take a long time to happen. We all do lose hearing, as it’s a natural part of the aging process. So, in the mean time it might be best to regulate loud noises as we go through the processes of our own hearing losses. Imagine the reduced stress that you will feel when those annoying noises get drowned out through regulation or natural hearing loss.

Also, to mention, I don’t just want to say that they only form of noise that black people create is from their cars. I think they get very loud when approached by Cops. I think the black people get much louder and bolder with their noise than white people do. This elevated noise is one of the difficulties that law enforcement officers have to work through. When the volume is up too high to speak through, then action will next need to be taken. It’s unfortunate that the louder noises uttered from people lead to increased violence, but that is human nature.



2 thoughts on “What do Black people and Skateboarders have in common? Loud Noise! These are my observations

  1. Have you ever thought about just ending it all – I mean committing harry carry? Just think of the possibilities….no more worrying about eating, sleeping, loud noises, getting harassed by cops, etc…

    Please let me know if I can help you into the next life.

    Thank You.

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