It’s important to keep the homeless people moving along

im surprised that some people want to provide everything from food, shelter and medical for the homeless all in one location. I don’t think that is a good idea. It had been shown to be a bad idea with the early insane asylums in the early to mid 1900s. Getting all these homeless crazy people rounded up in one place can be a bit overwhelming for the staff who have to look after them. It’s best to keep the crazy people separated from each other and moving along.

Perhaps some climates and landscapes make it more difficult to separate homeless people from each other. For example, the cold climate extremes in Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin need to have effective shelters to prevent people from succumbing to the weather. Mobility is much harder in the winter, and maybe striving to provide all the benefits for health is much needed.

But there are other climates where people can enjoy nice weather year round. Being inside is not as essential. For those kinds of climates, you may want to focus on spreading out the services to keep herding the homeless people around more and making them more uncomfortable.

It has been shown time and time again with inner city gangs that if you give a group of people control over an area, they can practically control it and make cops scared to enter into the area. If you give the homeless a central area that they feel they have central control, they will come to dominate the area and make a stand when they develop some strength and numbers. It’s better to tackle the homeless encampments early before they become a bigger proble. Later.

I would compare this theory to the “broken windows theory” where police should enforce the smallest infractions to help prevent bigger ones which could result later. However, many people claim the broken windows theory to be useless. It’s very controversial. To try and simplify social enforcement with this theory doesn’t factor in the resilience of human nature. Many of the criminals learn to work around the simple theories. 

Regardless, small problems can turn into larger problems later on if they aren’t dealt with in a timely manner. It’s similar to saying that power can corrupt our leadership. There need to be time limits for everything. Our very own loves have natural time limits. The big controversies should come from what a reasonable amount of time should be allowed for particular lifestyles and behaviors.


2 thoughts on “It’s important to keep the homeless people moving along

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